Zune collection not updating

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First, it didn’t fail because it was a terrible product.

The HD, at least, is a perfectly fine device, in some ways a great one.

The software was already up to date, and the other things didn't matter.

I also tried to check the mobile devices settings on my computer, but there were none showing up.

A text-only menu system sounds like it might be boring, but the typography is so pretty, and the software lets you navigate so quickly, that I found it every bit as functional as the i Pod Touch’s interface. When the company’s designers began to work on Windows Phone, the mobile operating system that it released in 2010, they made the Zune HD’s text navigation system the centerpiece of the OS.

(They also added large, colorful “live tiles” to the phone’s home screen.

The Zune HD (unlike the first-generation Zune) is Microsoft’s own take on a music player, a design that’s both thoughtful and original. Turn on the device and you’re presented with a bright, beautiful, text-only home screen.

’s Reader Takeover poll—in which I’d promised to reassess an overlooked technology of yore—I had to scramble to get hold of a device I hadn’t used since at least 2008.

My local Craigslist listings overflowed with i Pods of every variety, but there were only a couple Zunes for sale, and they were the earliest, least-memorable versions of the device.

I was looking for a later-model Zune—specifically, the 2009-era touch-screen Zune HD.

If you purchased one over the i Pod Touch back in 2009, you wouldn’t have regretted it.

has become synonymous with corporate humiliation, and given how terribly it sold, that’s probably justified. But what many people don’t know is that Zune sparked much-needed reforms at Microsoft.

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