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In the , Sigmund, the father of the Sigurd we have discussed above, had another son by his own sister, Sinfiötli, a son whom he taught his magical arts.

Sigmund Volsung, a descendant of Freyr and an exciled prince, lives like an animal in the forests of Norway when one day he is approached by a is in reality his own sister, who has been forced to marry the king who usurped the throne of their people.

Some sorcerers seem to have been transgendered or gay, sorcery being a realm in which people who did not fit into the hetero-norm could thrive.

Transgender behavior may have been regarded as unusual but magical and sacred.

Exceptions are found in the Poetic Edda, although the sorcerer is hardly ever actually said to be a sorcerer/shaman, we know that he is because of the arts he practices.

It is important to note that this negative attitude may be a result of Christian and continental influence.

His specialty is very much to move between worlds and deal with otherworldly monsters.

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Sigurd asks a lot of questions about his initiation and his subsequent life, his marriage and how to avoid the dangers he has been warned about.

But this sorcery led to so much unmanliness that men cannot practice it without shame, and this is why they taught this art to the priestesses.

also knew about all earth-dug treasure and where it was hidden; and he knew songs that could make everything open up for him; earth and rock and mounds and stones, and he bound with words those who lived within, entered and took what he wanted.

But so many bad memories are connected to his realm (the mother of Sinfiötli and sister of Sigmund dies in a fire) that the king and his son-nephew venture south into Sweden or Denmark, where Sigmund marries and begets Helgi.

When Sinfiötli dies of poisoning, Sigmund his father/uncle carries his corpse to the river of Hel and almost joins the “Ferryman”.

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