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Enjoy unlimited access to your favourite sports on Eurosport Player. Watch live games on Eurosport 1, Eurosport 2 and exclusive additional feeds. There had been various shipping companies serving the Isle of Man before the formation of this company in 1830, but their crossings were irregular and vessels used were unreliable.As a result the island could be cut off for weeks at a time. If you want unlimited access please upgrade to one of our subscriptions.

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It is sited at Kallow Point in Port St Mary as a memorial to the company's crew who took part in the war.During the First World War, eleven out of a total fleet of fifteen Steam Packet ships were requisitioned by the Admiralty.Four of them were lost, three retained by the government and four returned to service.The Dunkirk evacuation was perhaps the company's finest hour, with Mona's Isle (IV) being the first to leave Dover and the first to complete the round trip during the evacuation.Eight company ships took part in this mission, rescuing a total of 24,699 British troops – one in fourteen of those evacuated from Dunkirk.

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