Why data updating is important

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No rows from the UPDATE statement are saved into the table, even those rows that didn’t generate an error.

Next, you will choose what field you want to identify matching records by (known as your "key" field).For example, below I have selected to match by "Email." Once you select Email as the key, it will ask you to select the column that is associated with Email. To get the ID, export your data from settings - export data.The ID field should be in the far right of the exported spreadsheet. “Skip” means that the import record will not be imported and no change will be made to the matching record in the system.Recall the INNER JOIN clause is used to match the rows from one table to another using a join condition. The complete script to run to log the output into a temporary table is: This statement defines a table with three columns and names the table variable @Update Log.The reason we’re using a table variable is temporary and will be removed once query session is closed.

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