Who is sloan from entourage dating

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The 52-year-old is now taking on much smaller parts in TV shows such as This Is Us and Difficult People.

Barbara was a talent agent of the Los Angeles based talent agency, Miller Gold Agency.

In the fifth season, we found out that they did indeed get together and that Dana still had feelings for Ari.

He romantically told her that if he ever decides to cheat on his wife, that it would be with her.

Although the bro-ships on the show were an important and special element to Entourage, the series would not have been the same without the passionate, dramatic and sometimes confusing relationships that existed throughout the duration of the show.Still to this day, Entourage stands as one of HBO’s most loved series.The comedy-drama lasted for 8 successful seasons, from 2004 to 2011.Shauna was Vincent’s publicist who thought of herself as his “West-Coast mother.” She was known for speaking her mind and was sometimes thought to be a bit too honest to Vince and the boys.She was a dedicated worker, who did everything she could to make sure Vince had a nice clean image.

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