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Action Point is a 2018 American comedy film directed by Tim Kirkby and starring Johnny Knoxville and Chris Pontius.

Knoxville was inspired to make the film after seeing Matt Robertson's 2013 short documentary The Most Insane Amusement Park Ever, about Action Park, a theme park in New Jersey which was notorious for poorly designed, unsafe rides, in addition to employing underaged, undertrained and often under-the-influence staff.

Just as they are able to get on track to repay the loan on time, they are hit with a 2 million dollar lawsuit from an injured patron at the park forcing him to dedicate himself to his work. bails her out, she snaps at him and reveals about her intentions for him to sign the papers.

Knoxville even banned alcohol from the set of -style stunts.Desperate, he and Benny chase down the bus with their car but lose it after it collides with them. There, he explains that after he lost his family, the park became his new family and the reason he was so obsessed with it was because he didn't want to lose it as well. opens the park gates one last time distributing free beer to everyone as he is no longer liable for any damages that will occur from this action.Unable to pay off his loan, he decides to blow up the park and sell off the land to Knoblach. The drunk patrons go wild and cause massive damage to the park, allowing it to go out in glory.Knoxville decided to force his hand, showing up unannounced at Steve-O's house along with 10 huge guys.Those guys, Knoxville said, would give Steve-O a beatdown if he didn't go to rehab.

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