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After you head to beef zone, and should pick the following options: She’s my girlfriend.

Choose to help Kim when Sakakiba comes in and starts causing a stir.

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Get get it, move the claw left over it, then just slightly back so you can grab close to the front.You can run through these in any order, then once you’re done select “End the Conversation” once you’re finished. Pick a location to go to, but you’ll be stopped by the “very passionate fan” of Sana’s. After she makes you some food: Sing her praises Questions can be ask in any order again: Remind her it’s getting late Respond to her texts: Make me some more next time. She’ll text you again later asking to meet up, respond based on whether you can at the moment or not.How nice they are doesn’t seem to immediately matter, but be nice and crack a smile and snap the picture when Sana puts up a peace sign. Third Date: If you have the suit from La Marche you’ll put it on. After this she’ll text to meet up again, so respond when you want to meet her.After the race ask her “Why don’t we sit down and talk? Choose the following responses: You’ll be playing a drinking game now with Nanami, you have to drink if she guesses stuff correctly, and not drink if she doesn’t. You can cheat Shogi by using a computer or phone app of it, and just copying the moves between with the AI on the app set to highest difficulty. Amane will text you back shortly, you can respond with: Let’s go on a date again. After that she’ll text you again to set up a totally not date to lure out the cow calamity that will apparently befall you.The first thing she guesses is whether you have a girlfriend or not, and it’s up to you how you answer that like with the other girls. (You can go through all answers with her, so order doesn’t really seem to matter) You have someone you like right now. Choose accept when she asks whether to watch over the student, and you’ll prevent someone from stealing his bag. Second Date: Second time I opted for darts (that’s a sport of merriment right).

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