Who is ben savage dating Chatrollete sex not card

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However, that wasn't what happened to young actors Jenny Lewis and Blake Sennett, who respectively starred in .

Instead, the duo went on to form Rilo Kiley, one of the most acclaimed indie rock bands of the 2000s. Unfortunately, that breakup was about as civil and harmonious as a couple of teen characters from A former teen star best known for a '90s family-friendly sitcom accidentally upset the star of another '90s family-friendly sitcom over a remark about drugs.

“We went on one date, when I was about 15, and by the time the dinner was over we realized mutually that we were more like family than lovers.” Sad story. ALSO: Jennifer Lawrence ogles oblivious John Stamos Carmen Electra at 40: Still red-hot in ‘Baywatch’ swimsuit ‘Home Improvement’s’ Jonathan Taylor Thomas to guest on Tim Allen’s’Last Man Standing’ Follow @Nardine Saad Follow Ministry of Gossip @LATcelebs.

Ben Savage starred as Cory Matthews, a regular if mischievous and hyperactive Philadelphia junior high student, who runs around with BFF Shawn Hunter (Rider Strong), avoids bullies, and resists the gruff support of his teacher, the beloved Mr. As the series progresses, Cory and Shawn move up to high school and beyond, experiencing "very special episode" types of problems (i.e.

Danielle Fishel is opening up about a rather awkward encounter with “Full House” patriarch Bob Saget that happened while she and others from the “T. “One time we were all on a private jet going to Disney World, and my mom, dad and brother were also with me,” the “Boy Meets World” actress said in a Q&A; with Maxim.

F.” crew — ABC’s ‘90s Friday-night lineup comedies — were en route to the Magic Kingdom.

But back in the late '90s, the actress dated one of the era's most desirable dudes on the planet: Lance Bass of *NSYNC. The two later hit the town for a date at a taping of a Céline Dion Christmas special … Fishel later realized why when Bass came out to her as a gay man.

That meant Strong had to keep that very '90s haircut until 2000 — long after it went out of style.

In both the past and present, Danielle Fishel — forever TV's Topanga — has done alright for herself in the romance department.

“We had these four seats facing each other with curtains, so we had our own little private family area.

Anyway, we were trying to take a nap, and all of a sudden Bob Saget walks down the aisle, rips open our curtain, and shouts, ‘Do you guys have any coke?! Perhaps he was revving up for his role as a cocaine addict in the 1998 stoner comedy “Half Baked.” And, in case you were wondering, “Full House” costar John Stamos lovingly described the wholesome daddy by day, raunchy comedian by night as a “hilarious pervert with a heart of gold.” PHOTOS: 50 most beautiful female celebrities But we digress.

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