Who is andrea kelly dating now initiative safer dating

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And I think the youngest one being the 19 year old.The source apparently said he’s a sexual deviant and he has the women perform acts out of the norm on him and each other.“Y’all know Drea Kelly…I don’t play when it come to my gotdamn eggs…now I got to rip somebody a new a$$hole…Being the mother that I am, taking my babies to school this morning, I turn on the radio and you know Ed Lover has a new show and Miss Monie Love is on the radio and so she does her Morning, Evening News…I feel like she did one of the most f*cked up things you can do as a journalist. At the end of the day, you are reading something on radio, which means the audience has no idea what you’re reading. So whatever is going on, don’t put my gotdamn kids in it.Kelly Andrea Kelly star of Hollywood Exes was married to R&B singer, Grammy Award winner R. The couple then filed for divorce in 2006, but were still trying to make things work.

According to Kelly, he continued to struggle with infidelity, Andrea was unhappy walking away from her dance career to be a stay-at-home mother, and they were constantly fighting.So thank God my daughter did not have to hear that while riding with me.That was such a blessing that none of my children were in the car with me at that time. Because basically at that point I felt like, ‘Wow, if this is what’s going on I’m so happy for Drea that she is no longer a part of that.And upon their divorce she reportedly received a M settlement.She is currently traveling back and forth between Los Angeles and Chicago pursuing her dance career and filming Hollywood Exes.

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