When does hanna start dating caleb bi guys dating girls

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Ravenswood is an American supernatural teen drama, mystery-thriller television series created by I.

Marlene King, Oliver Goldstick and Joseph Dougherty.

When Caleb meets Remy, he asks for help about the tombstones which Remy accepts.

Caleb, Miranda and Remy find out part of the story behind their tombstones.

Since Luke was still unnerved by what he witnessed during the séance, he searched for something that would distract himself.

However he realizes there may be no escape from what's haunting the group.

Caleb is trying to find Miranda but hits a dead end when the address he is given turns out to be an empty lawn.

After Miranda's funeral, Caleb tells Remy, Luke and Olivia that he has seen her.

After the accident, the doctors couldn't save Miranda and she passes away.

Right after her death, Caleb starts seeing Miranda which he thinks are just dreams.

In the final scene, Remy drives Caleb, Miranda, Olivia and Luke over a bridge.

Miranda sees the same figure (ghost:) she has seen during the episode causing a distraction so the car veers off the bridge into the water.

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