Wheelchair dating tips

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Users can do these exercises in a gym with the assistance of a trainer or caregiver.

Download the SCI-Ex app and access content by injury level, fitness goal, exercise type (aerobic, muscular strength and endurance, core strength and neuromotor) or exercise routine.

Too often those with mobility impairments requiring mobility aides such as wheelchairs end up extremely inconvenienced when they arrive somewhere where they can’t find accessible parking, entrances or bathrooms.

Of course you can do your own research on a place in order to find out whether it can accommodate wheelchairs or other mobility aides, but this information isn’t conveniently housed in one place.

Track your progress within app and find other helpful resources.

Listed below are some of the best apps for wheelchair users and the physically disabled.

Users can rate and review locations they have visited based on the location’s accessibility based on the parking, seating, entrance and bathroom.

If you are traveling somewhere and don’t have access to your usual methods of transportation we highly recommend using a ride-share app like Uber or Lyft.

You may have a hard time knowing whether you will find accessible parking, be able to get in the entrance, or even be able to use the bathroom before you arrive.

We are working diligently at i Access Life to build a platform for the disabled community to share ratings & reviews of their experiences with accessibility in public business and establishments.

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