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But the minute they travel to a place like Dubai or Singapore, they’re at the mercy of local laws.If they get into trouble, they’ll need to rely on the skills of the consulate to get them home safely.Yet just as many, higher up the chain of command, remain resistant to the changes that are necessary.It suits the architects of these apps to imagine (or pretend) that western social mores are universal.Instead, they tend to roll their services out into new regions around the world with little market research, simply following what the biggest players do, and with no-one to hold them to account. Myles Jackman is an obscenity lawyer with deep knowledge of “sexploitation” cases.He points out that the global complexity of the security situation makes for an almost impossible legal response: “A European citizen on an app that is ‘sexploited’ may be protected by human rights law.They provide a service to their customers, and succeed or fail according to the algorithmic accuracy with which they match up their users.

In some cases, devious networks prime their victims over the course of several weeks, asking for nude pictures and videos that they later use for blackmail in court or for extortion.

Ironically, they have tried to treat everyone the same but this means that they seriously overlook the additional security needs of the community and have never, to my knowledge, done deep research about what the LGBT user might need, even in places with stringent anti-gay laws.” For veteran gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell, the solution is simple: “Dating apps should be posting regular warnings to users about the danger of blackmail, violence, sexual assault and public exposure – and how to better protect themselves.” But to implement his blueprint, apps would first have to assess the level of risk in the various geographical locations: a task that tech companies with relatively small workforces are instinctively reluctant to undertake.

For those apps that are mainly heterosexual in focus, LGBT security-risk analysis would be costly to implement.

ating apps have not only democratised love and sex; they have globalised them too.

You can be anywhere in the world, straight, gay or otherwise, and find a partner to suit your predilection, within your postcode, with a simple “swipe right” on your phone screen.

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