Vlookup not updating

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A data validation control will restrict input to specific sites, avoiding typos and invalid sites.

Finally, a Pivot Table will return stipend totals earned for each employee by employee and date.

This is all fine and dandy when your data is sorted nicely, but it can be a disaster with unsorted data, because VLOOKUP might give you a totally incorrect result.

Even worse, the result might look completely normal.

SEE: Choosing your Windows 7 exit strategy: Four options (Tech Pro Research) The simple sheet shown in Figure A contains two Table objects.

The one on the left tracks the hours each employee works at specific work sites.

vlookup not updating-24

vlookup not updating-4

vlookup not updating-5

vlookup not updating-49

Read below to see some examples of how VLOOKUP can cause trouble when you don't manage match behavior..

To fix this error, simply add a new record to the stipend list, as shown in Figure C.

As you can see, this simple fix takes care of the error in row 4.

Video: Great video by Oz du Soleil on how binary search really works in Excel.

In this example, there is no invoice 100235, but because VLOOKUP defaults to approximate match, it finds a result anyway.

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