Virtual dating erica walkthrough

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Strip.”"Watch her strip""Take the picture""Go somewhere else"“Let's go back to the casino floor.”“Let's go back to the lobby.”"Go up to the elevators"“Let's go back upstairs.”"Take the elevator up""Go back up the corridor""Go back to the room""Follow her to the bedroom"(You should be able to manage things from here)Go to store"ENTER STORE""Buy scotch""CONTINUE"Go to leisure centre"Speak with the employees""Let them talk"“Sure.Let's go.”"Speak with Rachel"“I'll see what I can do.”"Suggest getting some drinks""Buy cocktails""Collect drinks""Speak with Erica"“I don't know if she's really my type.” or “It's the worst date I've ever had.”“She's just really not my type.”“I like redheads.”"Continue""Rejoin the group"or“I don't know if she's really my type.” or “It's the worst date I've ever had.”“She seems more interested in other women than me.”“I'm just worried she'll run off with one of you two instead.”"Continue""Rejoin the group""Speak with Crystal"“I just wanted to talk.”"Suggest having a seat""Have a seat""Move closer to her""Kiss her""Finish kissing""Continue""Watch"“No complaints from me.”“Finish talking”“Why don't we do something else?”"Finish looking""Ask Alex a question"“Do you think Rachel's attractive?”"Ask something else""Ask Alex a question" “Would you spend the night with us?I...don't seem to have any pot on me.”“I..a ticket to a strip club competition.”"Give her the ticket information""Say goodbye to Sophie"Go to strip club“What about the competition here?”“Hell, yes.”"Continue""Speak with Sophie"“I'd love to be your coach, boss”"Pick an outfit""Pick what she's wearing""Pick an opponent""Pick Rachel""Go to the stage""Begin""Speak with Sophie"“Lose the pants.”"Continue""Speak with Rachel"“People really need to see those breasts.”"Continue""Speak with Sophie"“Strip naked on stage.”"Continue""Speak with Sophie"“Concede defeat then fuck Rachel in the back room?”“Maybe we could have some fun at the leisure centre.”"Go to the leisure centre"“How does this equipment work? ”"Take Alex to the Casino""Go to the room""Have a drink""Finish having drinks""Let Alex get changed""Let her change""Take her to the bar""Have a seat"“Let's get some drinks.”"Finish having drinks.""Ask Rachel a question"“Did it hurt when you fell from heaven? The below is what I believe to be the intended sequence of the conversation.

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It also looks like preparing Kelly for the competition was supposed to increase RACHfun but it actually increases RACHinf.(RACHfun 1)“Hey. ”“Continue”"Step outside""Take in the view""Grab her ass"or(RACHdri 1)“Hey. ”"Go to the kitchen""Get a drink from the cupboard"Go to strip club"Talk to Leilani""Let them talk"“Meet Leilani later”Go to casino"Book a room for the night""Book a room""Do something else"(RACHfun 1; won’t raise RACHfun higher than 2)"Go gambling"“Just pick a number.”(It doesn’t matter which number you pick, especially if you edit and comment out the line ‘ar Links[1] = "casloose.html";’)"Kiss her during the excitement""Finish kissing""Collect winnings"(RACHdri 1)"Have a drink at the bar""Buy a vodka""Go somewhere else"Go to bar (if you want the Leilani ending skip the following steps, and go straight to Leilani Ending at the bottom of this walkthrough)(RACHdri 1)“Let's get a drink.”“Two beers.”"Finish having drinks""Speak with Leilani""Talk with Leilani""Take the ticket"(You can also dance, but that doesn’t affect anything)Go to the bar"Speak with Sophie"“Err...hi, boss.

Go do the strip job pick the police uniform, dance , remove the tie, dance, remove belt, dance, remove shirt, dance, remove shoes, dance, remove pants, dance, remove panties, then leave stage go home Day 5, pick the Christmas dress go to party get the boss, you now know what to do :-)Jess On day One..

pick the model job, sit take off top, go compliment Jess, talk to the boss, go back to the office go home 2nd day..

Sarah's walkthrough This isn't for the online version, but Chaotic's download version 1.1.bug fixes from the download link , or till Chaotic does the fixes himself ?

The game worked fine for me got all endings, using Firefox or IE ! html The Boss On day One pick the stripper job, ''dont go to the copy room at all for the boss ending !

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