Validating form in php survival guide for dating a medical student

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The validation could be done either in client-side or server side. You can choose to have it in client-side also for the ease of use of the users.But having at the server-side is not optional and a minimum requirement.Some of them will be mandatory and some of them will be optional.So, this functionality may also include validation part to ensure about the non-emptiness and the format of the user data.It is the starting point of user engagement with your application.It should be as simple as possible with best UI / UX.This datasource class is generic and kept as simple as possible.

It easily gets connected with the database, thus providing complete record and details about the users who are willing to contact and send their queries to website administrators.Then it validates the user email format using PHP filter_var() function.As the registration includes password confirmation feature, the password comparison will take place at this part of this example.This PHP validation script will be called on submitting the registration form.This script validates all form fields to check the non-emptiness for each field.

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