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The different values of ready State are: 0-XMLHttp Request object has been created, but not initialized. 1-The object has been created and initialized, but the send() method has not been called.2-The send() method has been called, but the status and headers are not available. Opens a HTTP request, but does not send the request.So yeah, your users are going to skip some fields; enter emails without a ; use weak passwords; and not agree with the Terms of Service… We need to show the users what went wrong when they enter invalid data. What we do, then, is run this function when the form submitted, and if there are errors, we somehow reflect that in the UI. So imagine we have a sign up form, with three fields: name, email, and password.In this post, we are going to look at the most basic way to do that. When that form is submitted, we want to make sure that: Nice!

With Ajax, the data added to the form can be dynamically validated as the data is added to form fields using business logic in a server application.

Can you change the validate function and the component in such a way that we would know which error is about which field?

Zebra_Form is a PHP library that simplifies the process of creating and validating HTML forms.

Forms layout can be generated either automatically or manually – using templates.

When generated automatically, the generated output validates as HTML 4.01 Strict, XHTML 1.0 Strict or HTML5, and has the same look & feel across all major browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer 6 .

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