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But what if we want to validate something a little bit more unusual? A custom validator is just a function with a specifiic signature that we pass into the vlaidators-array just like any other validator.

To validate our phone number, we are going to create a custom validator, that will check if the input actually is a number (let's keep it simple for this example).

This is done in the component class istead of the template.

We are going to create a basic form and discover, how we can validate each field using angular validators.These validators are run one after another on every change of the input-value.Each validator is either returning null if the value is valid, or a list of errors if the value is invalid.Now that we have created a form to validate, we can finally start thinking about the actual validation.Probably the first and easiest requirement for form-input that comes to mind is to make fields "required".

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