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This file should be on your server, or in your possession if you generated your CSR from a free generator tool. Select “Certificates” & click on “Install Certificate” In the Certificate Installation Wizard, choose your mail server & click “Next”.Then click “Next.” Double-check all the information used for generating the CSR.The values in " # FQDN of Zimbra Domain Configured filter = "sn=*" pathtozmprov="/opt/zimbra/bin/zmprov" #--------------END VAR-------------------- group Name = str(sys.argv[1]) base DN = str(sys.argv[2]) f = os.popen(pathtozmprov ' -l gaa ') zmprovgaa = [] zmprovgaa = f.readlines() try: l = ldap.initialize(ldap Host) l.simple_bind_s(user, password) result = l.search_s(base DN, ldap.SCOPE_SUBTREE,filter) delete_group = pathtozmprov " ddl " group Name "@" fqdn create_group = pathtozmprov " cdl " group Name "@" fqdn populate_group = pathtozmprov " adlm " group Name "@" fqdn for (dn, vals) in result: try: mail = vals['mail'][0] except: mail = vals['s AMAccount Name'][0].lower() "@" fqdn sys.stdout.flush() populate_group = populate_group " " mail os.system (delete_group) os.system (create_group) os.system (populate_group) except ldap.The following instructions will guide you through the SSL/TLS Certificate installation process on “Zimbra Mail Server.” If you still have not generated your certificate and completed the validation process, reference our CSR Generation Instructions.This is the certificate you received from the CA for your domain. If not, you can download it by visiting your Account Dashboard and clicking on your order.

updating zimbra-59

updating zimbra-58

updating zimbra-42

updating zimbra-42

It’s assumed that you will already have the users created in Zimbra. This way you can easily add and edit the required OUs.

If the proxy requires authentication, uncomment the last 2 statements as well. -rw------- 1 zimbra zimbra 52 Sep 22 drwxr-xr-x 2 zimbra zimbra 4096 Sep 22 .

One of the downfalls of Zimbra is its poor integration with Active Directory, at least for the OSS version. The basis of this script comes from “Zimbra autocreate accounts with Active Directory or LDAP” which was a good start for me but was much more complicated than I needed.

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