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NET AJAX Extensions is the ability to do a partial or incremental page updates without doing a full postback to the server, with no code changes and minimal markup changes.The advantages are extensive – the state of your multimedia (such as Adobe Flash or Windows Media) is unchanged, bandwidth costs are reduced, and the client does not experience the flicker usually associated with a postback. NET technology brings an object-oriented and event-driven programming model and unites it with the benefits of compiled code.The entire control was wrapped within an Update Panel and dropped onto a Web Form.When the postal code is entered by the user, the Update Panel detects the event (the corresponding Text Changed event in the back-end, either by specifying triggers or by using the Children As Triggers property set to true).Each Update Panel is isolated, so that each can work independently (you can have two Update Panels running at the same time, rendering different parts of the page, independent of the page's postback).The Update Panel control primarily deals with control triggers - by default, any control contained within an Update Panel's that creates a postback is registered as a trigger for the Update Panel.

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The following example uses an existing site and, Mozilla Firefox with the Firebug extension (Firebug captures XMLHttp Request data).By doing so, you can inject an Update Panel between the control's children and the outside world if you determine the page supports partial rendering; otherwise, you can simply layer the child controls into a container instance.The Update Panel operates as something of a black-box, wrapping ASP.For example, if one Update Panel defines a Button control, and that Button control is clicked, all Update Panel controls on that page will be refreshed by default.This is because, by default, the , which means that the Update Panel will only be refreshed if a specific trigger is hit.

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