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Like templates, the TSconfig is inherited from the parent pages in the page tree, so we can modify all of the instances of the RTE in the entire site by modifying the Root page.The first thing that we want to update in our editor is the CSS.Founded in Switzerland in 2004, it is a not-for-profit organization with around 900 members.When updating TYPO3 V9LTS to V9.5.6, the following error comes from formlog extension (1.1.7).Without special configuration, the html Area RTE uses its own default CSS to decide how the different options such as headings, bold, italics, and so on, look in the text area preview.We can update the TSconfig, to load our own external stylesheet for the RTE that more closely resembles our working frontend site; the editors will see the same basic styling for paragraphs and headings as the visitors and have a better idea of what their content will look like in the frontend.According to the TSref on html Area, the following stylesheets are applied to the contents of the editing area by default in ascending order (we’ll talk about each one in a moment): We don’t need to worry about the first file,

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The extension manager can tell which all files are hacked via the “extension information” option but can’t tell us where the hacks are made in those files.

By default, there is an extension named TYPO3 skin, and we can simply override any of the styles by using the content CSS property that we will see in a minute.

The main Style Override and inline Style properties are controlled by the html Area RTE, and TYPO3 generates a CSS file based on their settings in the extension.

The actual error is: Warning: OCI-Lob::save() [oci-lob.save]: OCI_INVALID_HANDLE in /var/www/sources/typo3_src-4.2.10/typo3/sysext/adodb/adodb/drivers/adodb-oci8php on line 696 The piece of code where it refers to is: ----- function Update Blob($table,$column,$val,$where,$blobtype='BLOB') ----- I've googled around for some time and also queried this forum, but could not find any suggestions.

The TYPO3 Association coordinates and funds the long-term development of the TYPO3 CMS platform.

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