Updating to 3 71 m33 firmware

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No, you must have at least 3.52 M33 Actually you can, assuming you have Official firmware 1.50 on your Psp and have installed Devhook.

Even if you have devhook you can only play ISO's that devhook can support (up to 3.03). they will show you the step to step tutorial to make your 3.93 Official Sony Firmware to any of the custom ones.

Thanks, I actually ended up deviating from the above slightly.

Here's what I did for anyone else facing the same issue.

It's a long story how to downgrade but if you want proper and safe… You need a magic memory stick and a Pandora's battery. Insert the Magic Memory Stick First, Then the Pandora's battery. Yes, but only if you have a hacked psp and the N64 emulator called daedalus on it.

the game is called Doubutsu no Mori (it is animal crossing).

After Dark_Alex retired from the PSP homebrew scene, many people thought it was the end of the custom firmwares released by him.

updating to 3 71 m33 firmware-12

To save people a lot of work, I decided to write this tutorial which includes all the necessary files in one location.

Note: Once you buy the PSP install the custom firmware immediately, search for: PSP CFW 5.00 m33 what you need to do is downgrade then upgrade to the official firmware -- Erm, why would you WANT ofw? Most probably, applications wont work at all in an official firmware. You'll first have to downgrade your PSP from the present level to the below level (eg:- Downgrading from 3.52 to 2.0).

After you install a custom firmware you can open up applications and even update hacked softwares. If your psp is a fat or a 2000/slim this should work. What this does is install a hacked firmware to your psp…

Then run Hellcat's Recovery Flasher to update.

Note the second source link details precautions you may want to take the most pertinent is making sure your battery is fully charged when updating.

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