Updating ruby gems os x

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See the Installation page for details on building Ruby from source.

If you have an issue compiling Ruby, consider using one of the third party tools mentioned above. For more information about specific releases, particularly older releases or previews, see the Releases page.

If you're new to databases, I'd suggest skipping to setting up Postgre SQL.

You can install My SQL server and client from Homebrew: rails new myapp #### If you want to use My SQL rails new myapp -d mysql #### If you want to use Postgres # Note you will need to change config/database.yml's username to be # the same as your OSX user account.

I recently needed to do a small scripting job in Ruby, and to use the gems required I needed to be on the latest version of Ruby (2.4.1).

My Mac Book was on an older version, so I needed to run a quick update.

How do I do the following:a) check to see if they're still installed and workingb) update them to the latest versionsc) keep them updated in the future (i.e. However, IIRC, there was a problem with the Leopard install of rubygems, and you need to use the following first : Originally posted by Catfish: Generally, you'd update gem itself using "sudo gem update --system".

(Google search for "install apple developer toolkit" for more help with that.) Once it's installed, you shouldn't run into trouble building the native binaries that some gems depend on when you try to update or install them.

All of that said, you have no reason right now to try updating all installed gems.

However, IIRC, there was a problem with the Leopard install of rubygems, and you need to use the following first : " by itself will attempt to update every gem installed on your system. What happened when you ran it is that at least one of the gems installed on your system relies on an underlying "binary" dependency, meaning code written (most likely) in the C programming language and inteneded to be built into a native binary that the Ruby gem relies on to do the heavy lifting part of its work.

This native code failed to compile, and the gem update aborted because of that.

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