Updating quickbooks company file

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To do this, hold down the Alternate (Alt) key when you click Open.

Be certain to keep the Alt key held down until the file completely opens, or an error message is displayed, regardless of the length of time it takes for Quick Books to fully load the file.

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QBW file; now select the option to ‘rename’ the file.Select the button to ‘Open or restore company file’ and select the option to Open a Company file.Browse to the normal location of the Company file and select it; however, before you click Open, we want to take steps to prevent reports and other windows (including transactions) from opening.So you may need to go through the same steps I outlined a moment ago regarding use of the Ctrl key to open Quick Books without any Company file being opened, then proceed to shut-down hosting on any/every computer you find it running.(Note: Hosting should NEVER be turned on in more than one computer on your network.) Step 3: The 3rd step is to use the Windows browse feature to locate the directory (folder) where your Company file is stored.

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