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No bigger than a grain of rice, a microchip is a radio-frequency identification implant that provides your dog with permanent ID.The microchip electronically stores information that identifies your dog and links him to whatever contact information you provide during the registration process.Later, when I wanted to play, Uplay asked me to "locate the game folder" which I did but I still couldn't play. There was a Windows update, not sure how that relates to the issue.Verifying the game files didn't help either, restarting Uplay didn't help, starting Uplay as admin didn't help aaaaaand that's where I am at this point. I'm just glad it works again but also frustrated because of how there is no info and how helpless you are in the face of decisions made by someone else, In this case ubisoft who put out an update that somehow broke my game.

So when the update was live for PC, I played a few rounds then the game crashed. I actually had to reset my computer because I couldn't reach the task manager because wildlands was frozen as always on top. So after letting it rest over night, it somehow just works again...What would be the best way to update the host running VCSA?I'd prefer to use the update manager and not update via the command line if possible.Done everything except reinstalling, which I really want to avoid. I was surprised to see the update when i tried logging on (after reading PC was delayed). First off, if a game ever crashes so hard that you can't see the Task Manager, try hitting Ctrl Windows Key and D to create a new desktop, then open Task Manager there. I know about the second desktop because that issue comes up from time to time with all sorts of games.Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. EDIT: I just reinstalled the game AND Uplay and it still. Unfortunately, the game has crashed multiple times post update. You can swap between open Desktops with the Windows Key and Tab. Oddly enough that didn't help because whenever I pressed ctrl-alt-del on the second (or third desktop for that matter) it just somehow switched back to the first, where Wildlands was still on top.

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