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‘You’ve talked about it since you were little girls,’ Mum laughed.

But given we didn’t know many twins, it didn’t seem all that likely.

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‘He doesn’t get that I already have another half,’ I’d moan to Briana about previous boyfriends. So finding a pair of identical twin boyfriends to date became our dream.

‘And there has to be a double happily ever after,’ we’d say. As children, our mum, Deborah, 53, dressed us the same but when we got older we found we wore similar clothes without even trying!

We liked the same food and music, and chose the same career in law.

‘It’s just the way it is,’ I’d shrug whenever people asked me why. When I was rushed to hospital with appendicitis at 17, Briana phoned soon after to check what was wrong with me.

‘I’ve had terrible stomach pains,’ she said, somehow knowing I was sick without being told.

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