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Graf, “Ultrafast thin-disk multipass laser amplifier delivering 1.4 k W (4.7 m J, 1030 nm) average power converted to 820 W at 515 nm and 234 W at 343 nm,” Opt.

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Tünnermann, “Prospects for laser spectroscopy of highly charged ions with high-harmonic XUV and soft x-ray sources,” Phys. First coincidence measurements on CHI are shown and it is outlined how the anticipated advancement of fiber laser technology and improved sample delivery will, in the next step, allow pump-probe studies of ultrafast molecular dynamics with table-top XUV-photon sources. These table-top sources can provide significantly higher repetition rates than the currently operating free-electron lasers and they offer very high temporal resolution due to the intrinsically small timing jitter between pump and probe pulses. © 2016 Optical Society of America Full Article | PDF Article Spatio-spectral structures in high harmonic generation driven by tightly focused high repetition rate lasers Aura Inés Gonzalez, Gaëtan Jargot, Philippe Rigaud, Loïc Lavenu, Florent Guichard, Antoine Comby, Thierry Auguste, Olivier Sublemontier, Michel Bougeard, Yoann Zaouter, Patrick Georges, Marc Hanna, and Thierry Ruchon Tabletop nonlinear optics in the 100-e V spectral region B. Veisz Quasi-phase-matched high-harmonic generation in gas-filled hollow-core photonic crystal fiber Florian Wiegandt, Patrick N.

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