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But these alone aren’t good enough reasons to stay in a relationship that isn’t working.Ending a relationship can be heartbreaking, even if you’re dying to get away.We will provide you with training, support and guidance so that you are off to the perfect start building your new career.We provide excellent training and first class ongoing support from our established team at our Head Office in rural Warwickshire.If your partner treats you like a doormat, show them the door. You’re always craving time alone It’d be weird and needy to want your partner by your side every minute of every day. But if you’re craving me-time and wish that he or she weren’t around, it’s a sign that your relationship is giving you more frustration than joy.Similarly, most relationships go through stages where one person is more emotionally and sexually generous than the other, but the imbalance should not be an ongoing pattern. Your relationship may also be in trouble if you prefer spending time with friends than with your partner.If you have ever considered a career in the personal introductions and matchmaking industry then now is the time to get started.

Couples should be able to air their differences and clear the air.The real danger is when you no longer want to kiss or be touched by your partner.Even casual touching, hugging and holding hands are the signs of a healthy relationship with two people who still fancy each other.The blissful future that you’d imagined when you first got together is now not going to happen.But by staying in a relationship that isn’t making you happy, you are betraying yourself and being dishonest to your partner.

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