The state of maine dating law

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The reviews and copying must take place at the location where the personnel files are maintained and during normal office hours unless, at the employer's discretion, a more convenient time and location for the employee are arranged.

In each calendar year, the employer shall provide, at no cost to the employee, one copy of the entire personnel file when requested by the employee or former employee and, when requested by the employee or former employee, one copy of all the material added to the personnel file after the copy of the entire file was provided.

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By mid August, eight state legislatures (CA, MA, MI, NJ, NC, OH, PA and WI) and the District of Columbia were in regular session.

An employer maintaining records in a form other than paper shall have available to the employee, former employee or duly authorized representative the equipment necessary to review and copy the personnel file.

The State of Maine, its agencies, officers and employees do not warrant the accuracy, reliability, completeness or timeliness of any information on the Maine State Legislature’s web site and may not be held liable for any losses caused by any person’s reliance on the information available on this web site.

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This essentially means that, as long as both parties are above the age of consent, the difference in age between them is irrelevant.

In many cases, Maine law also allows sex between persons under 16 (but older than 14) as long as they are close to the same age.

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