Tegan is dating

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Mel spent a little time trying hard not to fall in love with Tegan, which didn’t work, and Tegan tried hard to go back to liking men, which didn’t work either.

It all came together in the end, they married in the Yarra Valley in 2017.

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We lodged our intention to marry on the first day that we could and were legally married on the 9th of January 2018.After a minute or two I was told I could go inside.Inside was over 200 candles, my family dog, champagne and flowers leading a path to our outdoor area.Being married to Mel means giving her space when she needs it, being calm when she’s manic, listening when her words are soft and telling her with full confidence that she won’t get sick when she has eaten something, as well as handing over our agreed 0 and 5 massages if she does!Marriage means pushing Tegan out of bed on days that she’s stuck and snatching her back in when she needs to have a rest.

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