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Remember: it is not a question of will it run, but rather for how long will it run! But if you take away who we are as people, what remains is our differing positions in life; I’m a single mother and he’s a childless dude.If you are hunting for an engine, best get the Lycoming guide to establish the details of a particular model,(Certificated Aircraft Engines, SSP-289, July 1989) and also find out for which airplane installation that dash number was originally meant.It may give you a clue what the engineers were addressing in choosing that particular dash number.Do you still want to just buy that engine over the phone without asking further questions about the model engine? Nor should you as a homebuilder say that the variations are unimportant because the engine is going on a homebuilt. (Excuse the pun.)Also, remember that not all models manufactured by Lycoming were successful - i.e.

When I’m upset with you, my kid can feel it in my energy. I have to constantly remind myself that you do not share my responsibilities nor my past experiences.

The 0-320 D1A is the same as the B1A (160 HP), except that it has 7/16" propeller bolts, a straight riser in the oil sump, a -32 carb, and Type 1 Dynafocal mounts. The 0-320 E1A is the same as the A1A (150 HP) except that it has 7/16"" propeller bolts, a straight riser in the oil sump, a -32 carb, and Type 1 Dynafocal mounts. The only -F was an IO-320 F1A, in other words a fuel injected engine, a development from the -C1A engine. The 0-320 H1AD was a 160 HP engine, designed for 100 octane, had 9.00 : 1 compression, an integral accessory case, front mounted fuel pump, external mounted oil pump and an impulse coupled dual magneto.

When you inspect a list of these engines it appears that the numbers in the group after the first letter following the dash, e.g.

Then things get complicated, and there is no easy pattern to follow for all the dash numbers.

The 0-320 C1A is the same as the B1A except that it is a 150 HP field conversion to low compression and 80/87 gas.

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