Teen dating 90 s

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The best high school movies are ones that explore what it would be like to have a different identity, and this one's got that in spades.Another teen movie based on a William Shakespeare comedy (this time The Taming of the Shrew), this film stars the talented Heath Ledger as a brooding, outcast heartthrob and Julia Stiles as the girl who might fall for him against her better judgment.These old reads were great to revisit or cut up into great collages that filled your locker.Definitely a top pick for a was definitely one of your top picks!Let's all take a moment to breathe after Stacey Dash's super weird moment at the Oscars on Sunday night.After being introduced by host Chris Rock, Dash jokingly took to the stage as the Academy's new "Director of the Minority Outreach Program." The Fox anchor laughed as she wished everyone a happy Black History Month and proclaimed that she "can't wait to help [her] people." Chrissy Teigen's reaction said it all; it's hard for many people, especially those who grew up knowing Dash as Dionne from the classic '90s movie Clueless , to see her in this new, unfortunate light.

Whether you ventured to the corner store to grab a slurpee and this month's edition, or it came directly to your door, I know most of us had stacks of our favorite magazines littering our bedroom floor.With that in mind, here’s a dirty walk down memory lane.We pity the fool who watched any of these with their mom in the room.Look for some surprises in the cast, including Ben Affleck as an upperclassman bully and Matthew Mc Conaughy as a stoner., a female high school journalist goes undercover as a boy at a rival high school.

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