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13, 2003, he’ll be sure to wow any mothers you might bring him home to.Blank Space: 7.5 As the highest-paid model in 2013, Sean O’Pry could certainly afford “new money, suit and tie” and has been featured in magazines for Taylor to read.And even more bonus points for being the blondest guy Taylor’s ever “dated” in a video. Yes, Eastwood is gorgeous and casts perfectly brooding glances, but he makes the top three because he’s the first man to (gasp! Though he was clearly not Taylor’s choice of counterpart, Ryan Seacrest could give us the first gift of the new year: the release of “Out of the Woods” (not to be confused with hit Broadway musical “Into the Woods”).So one of the two of you who have read this far, please add that for our sake.The story of us: 7 Taylor’s “The Story of Us” requires some serious reading between the lines, which is ironic because there is very little reading in the video.He’s got shaggy hair and baby blues and loves cuddling under the stars in the back of his truck.

Gaston first worked as an underwear model for Christian Audigier, Adidas, International Jock, and Hugo Boss.Gaston appeared as Taylor Swift's love interest on her 2008 music video for "Love Story", and also appeared on the pilot episode of the television series Glee, which premiered on the Fox network on May 19, 2009.In February 2010, Gaston began appearing on Simon Fuller's interactive reality show, the If I Can Dream webseries, which aired on Hulu.And when he’s not kicking props or feigning anger with a spunky Taylor Swift, he’s acting in major films.Scott has been featured in “Invictus” (2009), “The Longest Ride” (2015), and is even set to star in “Snowden” with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Shailene Woodley (2016).

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