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Strauss and Mystery seeded the London Daygame guys. Some guys spend their lives hunting for the girl who is the exception… I think that’s the psychology behind haters and male feminists…

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Guys have been seeing the patterns in game for a while…

Nash wrote about a book from the ’70s that isn’t SO different from what modern gamers do.

The old newsgroup alt.seduction spawned the So Suave forum, and those two things energized Neil Strauss and Mystery. If you have the skills to get girls in the centre of the distribution, you likely have the skills to get the rare girls, but not the other way around.

The book I have been talking about lately, KING WARRIOR MAGICIAN LOVER: Rediscovering the Archetypes of the Mature Masculine, is heavily influenced by Jung. You should read it to get your head straight, and to figure out which type you are most… I will probably never truly be a KING or WARRIOR guy, regardless of my own desires.

I am most MAGICIAN, I’m sure regular readers will not be surprised to discover. To change fundamental types at this stage in my game… The interesting thing to me is that no guy, from what I have seen, has written comprehensively about the patterns involved in game (as elucidated by Krauser, etc.) AND the patterns involved in sex clubs.

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