Syl dating kirsty 18

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Donald is about to press charges but Noah tells him Seb is his grandson.

He then drops the charges and organises for DNA tests to be conducted. Seb struggles with dyslexia and Sally Fletcher (Kate Ritchie) organises remedial classes.

Alf's son Duncan (Brendan Mc Kensy) returns to the bay and becomes friendly with his ex, Jade again and influences her into taking drugs.

Seb warns Jade of his cousin's behaviour and tries to convince her to keep away from him but she will not listen.

When Duncan initiates a drag race, Seb jumps on the bonnet to stop them but Duncan, high, keeps on driving.

The car goes over a cliff and Seb and Jade are left injured.

Mikey's behaviour causes many problems such as going missing from the Arcade and then being found naked in the school.

Donald plans to retire to the Whitsundays with June Reynolds (Rowena Wallace) and gives Seb the choice of joining him or staying in Summer Bay.

Having reunited with Kirsty, The couple plan to have sex but Kane Phillips (Sam Atwell) returns and Kirsty is still drawn to him and dumps Seb, leaving him devastated.

Seb is left crippled and confined to a wheelchair and dumps Jade.

Donald returns from the Whitsundays to collect him and they leave.

He first appeared on 21 June 2001 and departed on 28 April 2004.

Actor Norman Coburn, who played Donald Fisher, was asked to help out during the auditions for Seb.

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