Steam validating game cache stuck at 100

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Disable any antivirus or firewall you have installed and see if that resolves the game freezing. You’ll find the files under steamsteamappscommoncall of duty black opsplayers 20# “Black Ops has stopped working” Fix First run the Singleplayer and see if it downloads the missing file.

Start the Singleplayer mode, and then you can go into Multiplayer. 10# Call of Duty: Black Ops Freezes If you experience a freeze while playing online, it is also possible that you may be having a network problem.Tip by Rouss3l Solution #6 Right click on the speaker, select playback devices, highlight sound device you use, click Properties, and then Advanced Tab and select 16bit, 48000hz(DVD quality). Update your sound card drivers and Direct X, it will help the cause.9# Game Doesn’t Start First if you have downloaded the game from Steam, try to run the game from the installation directory.1# Steam Connection Lost, Fix If you are experiencing the constant connection issues to Steam, you need to be patient as the good guys at Steam are on the problem to fix it. 5# Call of Duty: Black Ops Can’t Join Multiplayer Games – Stuck at Loading Seems like servers are overloaded and as I quoted the Steam employ above, they are fixing this. I don’t have any possible explanation to this but I am looking into it. 7# How to Change FOV You can change it from the menu, and console /cg_fov 80.We are aware of the connection issues occurring on Steam and are working to correct them. – Derrick G 2# Call of Duty: Black Ops Lag Fix – 100% System Resources Usage If you are experiencing lag because your system usage goes up to 100% when you start Call of Duty: Black Ops, you can try the following workaround. 6# Steam Goes Offline – While Joining Multiplayer Games Steam goes offline when you start Multiplayer ? 8# Call of Duty Black Ops Sound Fix, No Sound Fix You started the game, game runs fine but there is no sound. Go to your system try by your clock and locate the icon that looks like a speaker. Now, either right click on speaker and and chose “open volume mixer” or left click on it and click “mixer” underneath the volume slider. You should now see Call of Duty: Black Ops volume control, drag it up to the top.

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