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It is suspected that either those are Adjustable raised handled round bottom #151R shaves that have not been correctly identified, or perhaps there is some regional difference, maybe UK/US.

I've needed a list like this and hope it might be useful to somebody else.

Through 2009 it's come along slowly but it's the end of the year and I want it finished (while pretending it's possible to ever actually finish something like this).

Still to do: * Finish filling in the descriptions * Finish the glossary * Research the mythical #52 and #152 raised handled round bottom shaves * Research the details of the #58 shave that appeared in the 1870 catalog * Research the details of the 1870 #61 shave * Research the possibility of a #74 shave * Research the possibility of a #77 shave * Research the possibility of a #78 shave * Research the possibility of a #79 shave * Research and record UK/US differences * Add original Bailey models * Add some photos Bailey 1 Spokeshave Bailey 2 Spokeshave Bailey 3 Spokeshave Bailey 4 Adjustable Mouth Spokeshave Bailey 5 Spokeshave Bailey 6 Coopers Spokeshave Bailey 6 1/2 Coopers Spokeshave Bailey 7 Spokeshave Bailey 8 Spokeshave Bailey 9 Spokeshave Bailey 10 Spokeshave Bailey 11 split-frame shave Bailey 12 shave Bailey Victor 41 Double Iron Spokeshave Bailey Victor 43 Adjustable Spokeshave Stanley 12 Scraper Stanley 51 Raised Handled Spokeshave Stanley 51R Raised Handled Round Bottom Spokeshave Stanley 52 Straight Handled Spokeshave Stanley 52 Round Bottom Raised Handled Spokeshave ?

Early models have a round brass 'thumbscrew' and later models have an iron knurled knob.

The blade has a long narrow slot for the holding screw to pass through and the thumbscrew adjustment presses on the shave body rather than on the blade.

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