Srcds server not updating

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Win32 Servers should be run on WIN2K / XP Pro platforms with HLDS on a 1.8GHz cpu and a minimum of 512MB of RAM and SRCDS Servers should be run on 2.2GHz CPUs minimum with 512MB of RAM.Unfortunately, both of these servers will not achieve these FPS settings on a Win32 platform without one tweak.You can also run a Macromedia SWF file in Internet Explore and it will do the same thing.If you set sys_ticrate (HLDS) or fps_max (SRCDS) to 1000, most Intel CPUs running on Intel chipsets will run the full 1000fps (plus or minus a few).Running your Server at normal priority can cause unpleasent lag. Windows XP assigns every program and process running on your PC a priority which determines the relative amount of CPU time that it gets compared to other programs.

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A player with a 100 ping would actually be getting 110ms response time from the server.The next time you launch the program, it will default to the priority assigned by Windows.If you wish to launch your HLDS at high priority every time, you must use a batch file.Many AMD systems will only run 60FPS without the ping booster which is 17ms.This is still not too significant but it can change the feel and response time of your server for players.

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