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There is a platform for nearly every type of need, meaning users often go directly to each individual platform based on their needs rather than to a general search engine.

This user behavior means for certain services many users skip search engines entirely.

This data was taken from ii Media Research, a famous market research firm in China.

I give this data a lot more weight than that provided by Statcounter due to its reputation.

However, with the total number of internet users in China only topping 800 million in August of 2018, this represents a sizable portion of the internet population.

Stats vary, but it looks like Baidu has maintained its leading market position with around 70% of market share according to various sources.

“百度一下你就知道” is the slogan of China’s largest search engine and would be equivalent to the now-famous phrase, “Just Google it.” The translation for the slogan would be “Just Baidu a little and you’ll know.” If you want to impress your Chinese friends next time they ask you something you don’t feel like answering, it’s pronounced “Bǎi dù yī xià nǐ jiù zhī dào”. This is definitely the most useful Chinese search engine if you want to focus on SEO.

Baidu has recently begun to focus more heavily on its search app, with user numbers growing to 188 million as of June 2019, a 27% increase year over year.

The Chinese search engine market can be a daunting prospect for those who don’t know anything about it, so take the time to fully understand it before diving into advertising or search engine optimization. The China Search Engine Situation Read Now The Battle for Mobile Search Market Share Read Now Top 5 Search Engines in China Unlike most other countries, China’s Great Firewall means that engines like Google and Bing are rarely used.While on the surface they may look similar, different focuses and older systems mean that while Baidu’s technology is better at processing Chinese, but they are still quite behind Google in terms of weeding out scammers and black hat marketers.For example, many Chinese agencies claim they can get you to the #1 result for a given search term for a fixed price using black hat techniques.Naturally, the results of methods like this won’t last very long, but it shows that Baidu has some work to do in preventing these types of methods from being used.In 2019, Baidu has begun to beef up its security and defense against black hat techniques due to a range of scandals occurring on the platform.

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