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-There are many clans of succubus, but I shall explore only one for each game.

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Only time will tell if you are capable of saving the world or if you are just another adventurer that fell prey to the succubi.​ v0.2 -Removed class choice for better balance focused in only one, Demon Hunter (I needed to do that as it was nearly impossible to make a good balance for all classes, some were overpowered while others struggled.) -Added option to skip Prologue (better replayability) -Added more save options as a child -Added the possibility to save everywhere as an adult -Added items, weapons and armor to the game -The succubus battle are now more balanced (But I need to hear from you guys) -Removed main menu music -Please use a new save -Ruthless and cruel succubus (Although their personality will vary, they will all kill you if you fall into temptation.

How they will kill you, aggressively, gently, etc will depend on the succubus -Energy drain for all succubus.

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Watch through doorways, enjoy the gods eye view of security cameras, chuckle at the quips that mark each new scene.

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