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His rather unpleasant passions would make him a lifelong bachelor, which is why Mervin was always photographed à la carte. So you could stop doubting wether he was the one, Has God answered you but you were still confused because it wasn’t the answer you wanted? EN EL SEGUNDO CASO VEMOS UNA PAREJA BESÁNDOSE EN LA OSCURIDAD, SI BIEN ES UNA IMAGEN RELATIVAMENTE SIMBÓLICA ESTA REPRESENTA A UN CHAD(FOLLADOR, STUD, CULIADOR, HOMBRE GUAPO) EN SU DIVERSIÓN PREDILECTA: EL SEXO. POR LO GENERAL SE NOS ADOCTRINA DESDE LA PUBERTAD PARA RECONOCER QUE LA ATRACCIÓN SE DEBE AL JUEGO Y LA PERSONALIDAD.

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Some believe they can JUST "ADD ON" to the EQUATION & STILL CALL IT, (A MARRIAGE) due to PERSONAL CHOICE or CIRCUMSTANCES (ie MY MAN LEFT or MY WOMAN LEFT) #PSA God authorized specific REASONS justify #Divorce HEAR #Matt5 31 “It has been said, ‘Anyone who divorces his wife MUST give her a certificate of divorce.’ So IF we choose NOT... I'd rather live the REST of my LIFE #Single & #Celibate submitting to Christ as my Husband #col if I can NOT have a earthly #Man Of God who sees it #Gods Way. Link in bio x Visit our website to receive tips, encouragement, and useful information about how to thrive in your singleness!

Thanks to the sexualisation of tantra in the West, there is the belief that I am generally on the prowl, flitting from one lover to the next.

Truthfully, while my exploration of #tantra has made me more open to feeling and acknowledging #desire - along with the other powerful obscurations of #aversion, #pride, #jealousy and #dullness - as a gateway to embodied insight, empowerment and liberation, it has also cultivated far greater #discernment.

But to not pursue these with hunger or need as I am aware of the deep potential for #trauma and manipulation.

Along with the cultivation of shakti comes the amplification and inflation of #impulses and #distortions...which can lead us on a wild and messy dance if we simply act these out.

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