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An diesem Tag werden die verschiedenen Aspekte des Sports für Krebserkrankte theoretisch und praktisch umfänglich vorgestellt.

Typically this workshop is divided into two modules, covering intracranial endoscopy and endoscopic spine surgery (a workshop for endoscopic spine surgery please note the subsequent Pre-workshop of the ISMISS-Meeting 2018).

Oktober 2018, 16.00 Uhr,im Hörsaal des Neurozentrums, Geb. Hydrocephalus is a progressive condition, imposing – sooner or later – severe restrictions on the patient’s everyday life.

Our concern, however, must be to take advantage of modern medical advances for early recognition, sufficient therapy and intensive aftercare of the disease.

This clinical workshop is designed to present a wide range of endoscopic techniques, including intraventricular endoscopy, transsphenoidal and transcranial skull base surgery, peripheral nerve surgery as well as various approaches in spine surgery.

Lectures will be given about indications, surgical techniques and equipment selection.

The intention for the workshop is to recapitulate the general understanding of hydrocephalus and to discuss modern therapeutic approaches.

One main focus will be on telemetric intracranial pressure monitoring.

Körperliche Aktivität führt nicht nur zu einer besseren Belastbarkeit und psychischen Stabilität, sondern verbessert auch das körperliche Wohlbefinden und die Immunaktivität.

The surgeries will demonstrate endoscopic approaches and techniques step-by-step.

Furthermore, lectures will be given about indications, surgical techniques and equipment selection.

We will provide comprehensive Lectures, interesting Live Surgeries and Hands-on Workshops on human cadavers and animal models.

We are very pleased to present an Extraordinary International Faculty with experts in all fields of Neuroendoscopy.

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