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BE CAREFUL (or TAKE IT SLOW) Here, Abramson is advising us to pick our partners with care, and to cultivate our relationships carefully — because otherwise, the results can be disastrous.

He notes that while most relationships start off with a bang — we are blissed out, happier than ever, can't believe our luck — the euphoria usually ends after a few months, if not much sooner.

So interesting that I was — was written by UCLA professor of psychology Paul Abramson, who proposes that if we all stuck to six very easy-to-understand ideas, sex (and life) would be a helluva lot better for all of us.

He asserts that if we all just lived our sex lives according to the six principles he lays out, we'd more or less do away with ALL the unwanted consequences — not only the STDs and accidental pregnancies, but the guilt, pain, and confusion as well. It's funny, but reading this book, I had to wonder: Why is it that so many modern humans seem to think it's okay NOT to conduct themselves ethically when it comes to sex?

But for ordinary eggheads, the intellect that serves so well in the boardroom might need an assist in the bedroom."Intelligence is negatively associated with sex frequency," says Rosemary Hopcroft, a sociologist at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

That's fine for scholarly teens, but why are the brightest adults still getting the least action?

Life history theory, which examines how species have evolved different reproductive strategies to survive, offers a possible explanation.

"Money, not intelligence, helps men have more sex," Hopcroft says.

Darlings: Let me preface today's post by saying I receive a ton of free new books over here at Maura Kelly HQ, sent by publicists who want me to blog about their authors.

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