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It didn't fit his love poem, but I was determined to someday work it into a double dactyl.) If you're just reading this for the double dactyls, skip down to here.

I decided to use the rispetto as my poetic form this time. Or maybe I just couldn't follow that first stanza without diminishing the poem.) Prompt: "Carried by the wind." The dandelion seed departs Upon the west wind's gentle arms, Reminding me of faithful hearts That journey off to greener farms.

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My words flow backward twice a day, But when they meet those coming out They then compete for right-of-way And spin a verbal waterspout. This wrong can find but one redress: I fit the words to rhyming poem; They flow together, finding home. I was all set to use a different poetic form, but this seemed perfect for the ghazal, because the couplets in a ghazal need have little to do with each other, beyond a common theme.

A hermit, clad in muddy pants Spends every day amid the trees, Protecting animals and plants From their assorted enemies. Prompts: Lucky, leprechauns, famine, Irish heritage, day off work, claddagh (friendship ring), potato pancakes.

I was a bit sad when I realized later that "idiosyncrasy" would have scanned better than "peculiarity".

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