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However, the small bit of tough hiking is paid off once you get your feet in the sand.To the north, the rugged coast becomes immediately noticeable, as giant sea stacks create a formidable obstacle for those looking to explore.Lake Ozette is the largest unaltered natural lake in Washington State, and access to it is limited.No trails help explore the lake, and there are just a few places to launch a kayak or canoe.While the north route is cool to look at, the true beauty comes after a few miles of hiking to the south, when you reach the Point of Arches.Looking like an old road, or a series of railroad tracks leading into the ocean, the rock formations at Point of the Arches are mind-blowingly gorgeous. Lake Ozette Olympic National Park is known for amazing lakes .The Makah have lived in the region for millennia, using the rocky shores as launching points to hunt seals, salmon, and whales.

This nationally beloved museum not only is where you have to get your permit to use the Makah land for recreation, but it is also home to hundreds of unique cultural artifacts.While whale hunting may be controversial to many, anyone who has seen Cape Flattery, explored Shi Shi Beach, or taken some time to get to know the people and culture of the area can agree on one thing—this corner of the world is one of the most wild and beautiful places that can be found anywhere.With hundreds of sea stacks, miles of undisturbed coastline, views of wildlife from rocky cliffs and one of the best museums in the State of Washington, the Neah Bay Region deserves your visit.The museum provides a perfect balance of teaching about the Makah culture, the region’s animals, and the sights that are possible on the Makah land.Touch furs of local animals, see full sized replicas of the cones of the past, and see the skeleton of a gray whale hanging from the rafters.

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