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What would you say if they showed up on your doorstep and asked you for a cup of sugar?While current laws can’t help you in this situation, that doesn’t mean you have to tolerate living near potentially dangerous criminals.It might only take a few days of marching, sign painting, and chanting through a bullhorn to have peace of mind again.Do you know who represents your district in your state’s legislative body?With a little creativity and community organizing, you can purge your neighborhood of people who might put your family at risk.Be sure to use Truth Finder's Sex Offender Monitoring service to be immediately alerted if a dangerous predator moves into your community.Once you’re armed with the truth, you’ll be able to do something about it.

That means that a child abuser could live right next door to your family and there's nothing you can do about it.

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Imagine watching a paroled sex offender who committed unspeakable crimes against children move in next door to you.

That’s the exact problem that parents in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Harbor Gateway faced.

Sick of seeing all the parolees so close to their homes, they decided to do something about it: build the smallest parks in Los Angeles.

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