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Mind Fuck is a hybrid line, giving the option of intimate chat with another user or pay-by-the-minute naughty conversation with a phone sex operator, known as a “fantasy girl.” Don’t call mindfuck if you are not a freak. Cheap Thrills is not a party line or a local chat line but a phone sex line, where, for .99 per minute billed to a credit card, men can engage in erotic sex chat with a phone sex operator.

This sex line does not offer a free phone sex trial but is lower in price than many similar sex chat lines.

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Many members on Affair Hub are regular callers of Affair Hub Live.

Are you in a relationship that’s going stale or feeling out of sorts?

The phone sex chatline may be able to shift your situation and help you become intimate in a different way with your partner.

Talkto Me is a web-assisted phone sex platform where users can pay by the minute for sexy conversation with amateur and pro phone sex operators. Those not wanting to create an account can call a separate line and get connected with a random caller for spicy chat.

Callers choose from a menu of operators, selecting a chat partner that fulfills a specific fantasy. Phone Chat should be fun, that the premise under which Fun Chat was created.

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