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Naveen uncle avaga avaga namma manege bandhu time spend madta kaala kalita idru,uncle mane pakkadalli erodinda avregu bandhu hogoke kasta agta irlilla.

Uncle mattu amma affair namma vatarada kelavarege gotagoke shuru aythu,adru yaaru yenu helta erlilla.heege ondivsa naanu school leave antha amma jothe maneli idde avaga Naveen uncle namma manege bandu Naveen”anu….naanu naale village hogta idini hendtina nodoke 2week bittu barodu innu naanu”.

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Kannada words such as gou Di-gavu Di transform into Tamil's kavu Di for lack of the usage of Ghosha svana in Tamil.nange yenu gotagta illa”.prakash”nodu anusha nange sutti balasi matadoke barolla,evnu helda(driverna torisutha)monne Naveen nimma maneli idnanthe yen vishya,yestu dina dinda nadita idi edella”.gaabari adru”adu… If chat fails to load probably means java is not enabled.Kannada is influenced to an appreciable extent by Sanskrit.Influences of other languages such as Prakrit and Pali can also be found in the Kannada language. Narayana claims that many tribal languages which are now designated as Kannada dialects could be nearer to the earlier form of the language, with lesser influence from other languages.

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