Server 2016 ntp not updating Adult home chatroulette

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1) Hardware clock – is the battery powered “Real Time Clock” (also known as the “RTC”, “CMOS clock”) which keeps track of time when the system is turned off but is not used when the system is running.2) System clock- (sometimes called the “kernel clock” or “software clock”) which is a software counter based on the timer interrupt.

The time which they get updated will be set as a bench mark over the entire machines over its network if this machine is configured as NTP server for them.If no one objects, this question will be closed automatically the way described above.We use the NTP protocol to sync the time of servers,network devices, client PC’s with our local time zone to keep the correct time over the network.2) Using W32tm https:// w32tm /config /manualpeerlist:nt I think this finally did the trick to meet Goal #2.However, I'm actually seeing what's configured in the GPO, not what was configured with the W32TM command.

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