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You can visit one of the Serbian chat rooms and ask for someone who speaks English.A few that do will be glad to speak to you about whats on your mind regarding Serbia.Dates are always written in the following order: date-month-year, and they can be written in three main ways, for example 12th September 2006: 12. zeitkratzer productions (zkr0023) / Karlrecords (KR037) Format: digipak CD / LP (180gr, gatefold sleeve, download code, 300 items), EAN: CD: 4250137232560 / LP; Release date: June 16th 2017 Within its 20 years of existence, REINHOLD FRIEDL’s ensemble zeitkratzer has proved its interpretatory mastership on a wide range of fields such as contemporary / avant-garde composers, electronic artists, industrial underground – and, probably most surprising on this list, also in traditional music / folklore as documented on the two albums “Volksmusik” and “Neue Volksmusik” .

Serbian is the official and main language of Serbia and Montenegro. Barring a few vocabulary differences, it is almost identical to the Bosnian and Croatian languages.

Best Regards, blader-ga Well, I have a date with her tonight and I just would like to know if her parents expect flowers , Vodka, ect. Or some of the little things not to do so as I don't start an international not talk about war in Yugoslavia, especially about NATO bombing, regardless of what perspective Other than that, she says that everything else is quite the same and relaxed.

She gave an excellent suggestion for future questions.

Both the Roman and the Cyrillic alphabets will be shown here. q w x and y are not part of the Serbian alphabet, and they can occur only in foreign words. ...američkog/kanadskog/australijskog/britanskog konzulata? (ah-MEH-reech-kohg/ KAH-nahds-kohg/ ows-TRAH-lyah-skohg/ BREE-tahns-kohg kohn-ZOO-lah-tah? Ja sam američki/australijski/britanski/kanadski državljanin. Želim da razgovaram s američkom/australijskom/britanskom/kanadskom ambasadom/konzulatom.

Serbian Cyrillic Alphabet: Generally, in complex words, the emphasis is on the first syllable 'Kako' [KAH-koh]. Hence, "text" in Serbian is written as "tekst", "expert" as "ekspert", "wagon" as "vagon", "quota" as "kvota" and "myth" as "mit".

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