Selected value not updating detailsview

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Hi, I'm trying to create a build-in membership managment area and I have a details View where users could edit user information including a dropdownlist of avaiable roles.

But I create dropdownlist on the code Behind to show data in details View.The problem here is as you can se in my Edit Item Template, I have a "Selected Value" attribute, but VS.NET doesn't even recognize such an attribute for Drop Down List.I have stepped into it and it turns out that the providers Update method is being sent the same data that it starts out with instead of the new values which i thought had been bound to the datakeys. Thanks It certainly does The problem is you Update Parameters. AD_Name, AD_Desc and AD_Body are boundfields in the detailsview, just use the parameters like in the insert: Well I certainly do appreciate the help.Now if I could just send an email to myself 2 years ago, with this info, I'd be good to go!!

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